About Me

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Just over a year ago I married my price charming and less then 10 months later we welcomed our little princess into the world.  This past year has been filled with lots of excitement. Not only did I watch my belly grow over my feet while out growing all of my stretchy pants but I finally put one of my dreams into action and became a certified nutritional consultant.

To begin a new year of excitement , we recently packed up our lives in Vancouver and moved with our 3 month old daughter all the way  to nippy Alberta where our home as we know it is room #416 at the local motel. So while Mike’s training for his new job that will move us yet again to another city, I have been getting creative raising our daughter in a motel room while maintaining my goal to get my pre-preggo body back through healthy eating and exercise!! My life has been one big roller coaster that should have been documented starting years ago, but what better time to start than while hanging out here feeling happy and passionate about everything in my life and wanting nothing more then to share that with you! Hope you enjoy reading about my  journey and the healthy lifestyle choices and products I’ll be sharing with you. Who knows, maybe my knowledge of nutrition and healthier/safer makeup and personal care products can help some of you with your goals and journeys to a better YOU!!




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